Office Christmas Party Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

As you know, most people look forward to going on vacations or spending time with families rather than partying with their co-workers during holidays like Christmas. So you will definitely need unique office Christmas party ideas that will make your co-workers want to attend your Christmas party.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

The most important thing that one should realize is that an office Christmas party is unlike other regular office parties. You cannot and must not force people to take part in the celebration, and even though it is an office party, it doesn’t have to be traditional. It is totally up to you whether to organize a themed party or not. The most important thing is to make sure the entertainment is a good fit for your group. Even though pleasing everyone is a hard task, make sure you try your best.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

Office Christmas Party Is Unlike Other Parties

Choosing The Party Theme

Throughout the year, more than 8 hours a day, your co-workers have worked really hard with you, so you all deserve cool office Christmas party ideas. Why not centre the office Christmas party ideas around an activity?

  • Going to a comedy club : This certainly is a no-brainer. Go and have a good time seeing a great comic.
  • Bowling : Who doesn’t like games, especially bowling? It will be real fun to go bowling with your co-workers. Throw the bowling ball down the lane!
  • Movie Marathon : Why not go for a movie? Better still, a Christmas Movie Marathon? It is certainly not necessary that the movies be Christmas themed.
  • Sports Event : Take your team to enjoy a sports-themed event while networking over lunch or dinner.

Choosing The Venue

Looking for an exciting venue for the Christmas Party?It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing the venue.

  • Party In A Restaurant : If you plan to organize a traditional office Christmas party, why not take your team-mates to a lovely restaurant. You may also invite a local church group to perform or sing. Even though many office parties exclude children, I think it is a good ideas to invite the families of your team-mates as well. One of the best among Christmas office party ideas, don’t you think?
  • Party On A Boat : Now this a new and fun office Christmas party idea, don’t you think? If you do so, you might first choose the theme of the party, as it affects the expense of the boat party to a great extent. How about a Karaoke Night or a Texas Hold’em Party?! Also, it is very much recommended that you create a “guest-list”. The more is not always merrier! The larger the group, the larger will be the expenses.
  • Party At A Pub : Need some more office Christmas party ideas? How about a party at the pub? A Christmas party in a pub can be much more relaxing than a party in a restaurant. Also, many pubs will have special festive menus too, which will get your guests excited. Additional events too can be organized, such as wine tasting or quiz.

When choosing the venue for your Office Christmas party, it is a good idea to call around these places and check if the venue offers free parking. Make an appointment with the Catering Manager to visit the facilities and discuss the cost per person, the types of holiday menus offered and the floor plan. Type up an agenda for the Christmas eve and give it to the Catering Manager. A sample Agenda would look like

  • 6-7 pm Arrive for Appetizers and Socializing
  • 7-8 pm Announcements, give out door prizes
  • 8-9 pm Dinner
  • 9-1 am Dancing All Night and Having Fun
Work Christmas Party Ideas

Party Games Add Fun To The Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Games

A very important part of any party, games add to the fun and liveliness of a party. Here are some excellent office Christmas party games –

  • Musical Chairs : An absolute favourite among many people. It is a common one among the office Christmas party games. Do I really have to explain the game to you?
  • Pass The Parcel : A gift is wrapped in multiple layers of paper. Each layer has a small prize beneath it. The centre layer has the grand prize. Another one of the classics. Music is played during the game, and the parcel is passed around. The person who gets the parcel when the music is stopped gets to unwrap the topmost layer and take the gift beneath. The process is continued until the last wrapper is reached and the grand prize awarded.
  • Who Am I : One of the employees is blindfolded. Have that employee identify their colleagues by touching their palms (rather than faces).
  • Employee Awards : Why not award certificates for specific “achievements” ? Like a Heinz Ketchup Award for always running late to meetings! Make sure you don’t hurt the feelings of anyone though!

Christmas Party Games For Adults

There are many more office Christmas party games like Christmas themed bingo, Christmas Carol Name that Tune, Christmas themed pictionary and many more. If you would like to read more about Christmas games, please visit my post below:

->Ice Breaking Christmas Party Games

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Centre The Office Christmas Party Ideas Around An Activity

Things To Take Care Of

Since you are here for some Christmas office party ideas, there are some things you need to take care of –

  1. Make sure you don’t organize the party in the same location as you work in. It would be a great idea to party in an off-site location.
  2. Make everyone feel comfortable. Just don’t force them to wear Santa hats just because you are wearing it. Do not force them to take part in the office Christmas party games. Remember, the party is for everyone to enjoy, not just yourself.
  3. I would suggest that you avoid office talks completely during the party.
  4. During the party, please forgo all office politics. It doesn’t matter whether the person is from the same or other department, make him/her feel a part of the party.
  5. The usual sit-and-eat parties are boring! People generally tend to avoid such parties.
  6. It is advisable that you let someone else the strain of organizing your Christmas party. Find a good catering service to do the job.
  7. The more is not always merrier! The larger the group, the larger will be the expenses.
  8. Food and alcohol are important components of a party. If you plan on having alcoholic beverages in your office Christmas party, use an outside service. Never ever allow employees to bring their own beer or any alcoholic beverages.
  9. An office Christmas party is an excellent way to meet new people with whom you won’t normally talk at work, so don’t be cliquey.
About a couple of months before the Christmas party, send out an email to all the employees who have signed up to attend the Office Christmas party.

Describe them the details of the event in detail, for example, the directions to the venue, including address and phone number, the agenda above, parking arrangements, the party dress code, list details about the cash bars, and the type of food that will be served via buffet table or sit down.

The employees will no doubt appreciate having all this detailed information regarding the event.

So, the more you involve your employees the more they will appreciate the office Christmas party. If the party really is for their benefit, cater to them, not to management. Plan early, and having the advance lead time will make sure that the party is a hit. Have a fun Christmas party! I hope you liked the office Christmas party ideas. Have a great time!

Why not check out VideoJug’s funny video on behaving at an office Christmas party?

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Office Christmas Party Ideas - The Ultimate Guide
The office Christmas party is a great way to socialize with your co-workers. Make it memorable with these awesome office Christmas party ideas.


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    Wonderful tips for creating a great office Christmas party! Love your comment that this does not have to be a traditional office party, but one in which there is a great celebration and a lot of team fun!

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