Putting Up Outdoor Xmas Lights

Christmas is here, and it is time to decorate the exterior of your house with outdoor Xmas lights! First of all, get some inspiration if you are low on ideas.

You may google for new ideas or maybe grab a few magazines and search through them. Walk around your neighbourhood and observe how your neighbours have put up the outside Xmas lights. Okay, so you are now ready with ideas to put up the Xmas lights.

[highlight]How To Put Up Outdoor Xmas Lights[/highlight]

The next thing you would want to do is…matching the lighting display to the style of your neighbourhood and your home! This is the most important step to ensure that your display of lighting complements that of your surroundings.

Outdoor Xmas Lights

Match The Lighting With Your Neighbourhood & Home

[highlight]Match The Lighting With Your Home[/highlight]

Remember that your lighting display should complement the style of your neighbourhood and your house. The lighting need not be outlandish.[list_star]

  • If you own a single-storey house, arrange the outdoor Xmas lights along your entrance walkway and around the roof-line.
  • If you own a Victorian house, make sure that you are designing an elegant display of the Christmas lights that brings out the architectural features of your house. You can almost never go overboard with the outside Xmas lights if you own a Victorian house.
  • For multi storey buildings, you can design them similar to a single storey house, with added emphasis on stringing the lights on the house columns and porch railing.

If you want, you may even make your lights flash to music, just like the one showed in the below video. Lights flashing to Gangnam Style? This can’t get any better!

Visit the following link if you plan on doing so:


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So,what have you understood from the above tips?

Firstly, you would want to start out the planning process, as well as figure out where you want lights to be hung out,keeping in mind to match the lighting with your home and your neighbourhood.

The tips listed below will help you prepare the area for lighting and decide how many lights you need and what kind you want to use.

Outside Xmas Lights

Make Sure All The Lights Are Working Properly

[highlight]Prepare The Area For The Lighting[/highlight]

After deciding how many lights you need and what kind you want to use, go and purchase your lights, making sure they are made for outdoor lighting, not indoor.


  • Start by examining the lightsMake sure all your outdoor Xmas lights are working. If you find any broken cords, simply dispose off the entire string rather than attempting to repair it, for safety reasons.
  • Locate power sources nearest to the roof-lineIf you have a porch light that well protected from snow and rain, insert a socket adapter that places a power socket between the lamp and the fixture. Take double precautions to ensure that it is shielded from the weather elements.
  • Careful aligning and placement is a key factorGet a friend or two to help you with the placement of the outside Xmas lights. Rather than going up and down repeatedly to bring the materials, use a bucket to haul your supplies up and down the ladder. Jump to the next phase of lighting only after one phase has been completed.
  • Use fasteners for easily hanging the outdoor Xmas lightsHanging the lights can be really frustrating. Get some nail-less hangers and clips for the outside Christmas lights. Or you may use gutter clips for Christmas lights. Gutter clips, usually shaped like a lower-case “c”, are a safe,easy and effective way to put up the Christmas lights. Made of durable polypropylene, you can get these clips for a very cheap price. For the porch-railing, you can use deck clips, which are made of white plastic, and will not damage surfaces. Check below for some very good nail-less hangers and gutter clips.


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Next, you will be ready to decorate your trees and shrubs since they are the easiest to do. Next, hang the lights on your roof and windows, which is briefly explained below.

Outside Christmas Lights

Use Fasteners To Hang Outdoor Xmas Lights

[highlight]Putting Up Outdoor Xmas Lights[/highlight]

  • Starting from the power source, decorate your roof line first. Then start wrapping up the columns of your house with lights, using small amounts of tacky clay wherever a little adhesion is needed. Use the same methods for decorating the porch railing.
  • Decorate the windows in such a way that they are framed with the lights. You can use traditional suction cup hooks for this task. Some people just hang the light strands vertically all over the windows, which I find very unattractive.
  • There are a variety of options when it comes to decorating the trees. You can simply drape the top of the tree with the outside Xmas lights, or maybe coil lights strands around the tree tops.

[highlight]Protecting Outdoor Xmas Lights From Rain[/highlight]

If you live in a place which experiences a wet weather during Christmas,it is important that you protect the outdoor Xmas lights from rain and moisture. Follow these tips to do so:

  • As I mentioned earlier, discard and replace any damaged lights.
  • Make sure the lights are rated for outdoor use.
  • Plug your lights into an outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI).
  • Wherever possible, hang the outdoor lights under the eaves.
  • Handle the lights when they are dry.

Check out these videos for more information on putting up outdoor Xmas lights.

Hoped you liked this post on putting up outdoor Xmas lights. Please feel free to add your suggestions and comments below.

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