Office Christmas Party Wear For Women

Women are often confused when it comes to deciding what to wear to office Christmas party. With your office Christmas party coming up, you must be stressing out on what to wear and what not to. Yes, it is a love or hate thing-some people look forward to the company Christmas party, while some don’t. But before you go shopping for the ideal outfit, you might want to make sure you do not end up in the worst dressed list!

Office Christmas Party Wear For Women

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Do’s & Dont’S

But first of all, it would do good if you would keep in mind the 5-D’s of Christmas Party Wear that holds true for choosing Christmas party dresses for women, namely

  • DO use some common sense
  • DON’T go overboard
  • DO show your individuality
  • DON’T go overboard
  • DO follow the theme

So back to the topic ladies,

What To Wear To Office Christmas Party

Firstly, to decide what to wear to the office Christmas party, do a little research about the dress code of the party (casual, black tie etc). Also, ask your colleagues about what they will be wearing to the party. And if you want to show off, do it with some accessories, for example, a nice watch for the guys.

Office Christmas Party Dresses For Women

Avoid Sneakers Or Sky-High Heels For The Office Christmas Party

No Christmas Sweater

Got a Christmas sweater your loving grandma knit for you? Planning on wearing it for the company Christmas party ? You might want to rethink about that. Come on, these are reserved for children! Please avoid these.

No Skin-Tight Dress

Say you have a really curvalicious or well-built body. And as much as you may be itching to show it off, you might want to avoid one of those skin-tight offices definitely. Instead, you might opt for a cute, moderately glitzy cocktail dress. Always avoid clothing that’s too skin-tight or revealing for the office Christmas party.

Avoid Too Much Make-Up & Jewellery

Never wear too much make-up. This holds true for any occasion, not just the office party. Too much make-up looks really cheap and tacky, so please avoid it.

Too much jewellery can look tacky, similar to having too much make-up. Keep these in moderation.

What To Wear To Office Christmas Party

Avoid Too Much Jewellery Or Make-Up

Avoid Sneakers

Please resist the urge to put on your sneakers for the company Christmas party. Also avoid, sky high heels (those 3.5 inch ones). They don’t need to be too high. Basically, the main consideration with the shoes should be “will I be able to wear them all night without crippling myself”. If you are planning to ear an open toed shoe, consider painting your toe nails. A Christmas party will usually involve a dance, so keep this in mind when selecting your foot-wear.

Avoid Low-Neckline Dress

I agree to the fact that you want to dress a bit more sexier than your standard business suit. But I would seriously reconsider wearing a low-neckline dress. Such a dress might turn a few heads at a night club, but it is not recommended to wear these to your office Christmas party.

Hope you liked the article on choosing office Christmas party wear for women.

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Office Christmas Party Wear For Women
Confused what to wear to office Christmas party? Read this guide to office Christmas party dresses for women to avoid ending up in the worst dressed list!


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